The A.M.Program – Making performance breakthroughs possible

Only in a state of Aligned Momentum – aligned with strategic objectives, with momentum toward vision, and all in keeping with purpose and values – are performance breakthroughs possible. The A.M.Program was designed by The Pivot Catalyst (Lori Michele Leavitt) and is powered by Aligned Momentum software. The mission of the Program is to create more vibrancy for your business or organization. A vibrant business stays ahead of the competition, commands its highest value, and is a great place to work.

Watch this video to learn more about the A.M. Program, or learn more about the specific modules of A.M. by visiting Strategy, Conversations, Assessments, Reviews, and Reports

Transform Performance Management into Performance Momentum with the A.M. Program

Many of our clients love the “powered by” model to get them started. You may too. You may leverage our A.M. Program consulting services where we take the lead in building a leadership operating system within your organization, including setting up every aspect of the A.M. Software to be ready for you when the engagement is complete.The A.M. Program does more than simply train your administrator. Your A.M. Program typically gets you well on your way to sustainable business vibrancy. You’ll strengthen alignment, gain momentum, and managers throughout the organization will have the system they need to lead better!