Aligned Momentum

Your Winning Strategy: Growing Leaders

Help managers lead better. 

Who do we mean? Any person who is most effective in their role when they build and inspire others to be and do their best in their roles.

Today, managers are being asked to lead better, yet given tools only for managing work.


The A.M. Software, Program, and Coaching can help you create Strategy Maps, Priorities, and Goals, and allow you to communicate that strategy throughout your organization.


While face-to-face conversations are important, A.M. allows for documented conversations that can take place whenever, over long periods of time, that can be referred to in the future.


A.M.’s multiple versatile assessments provide your organization with the feedback and data needed to create alignment, stay relevant, and encourage engagement.


Analyzing past performance is as important as understanding future goals. A.M. provides the tools to create, distribute, and analyze reviews.


Reports give your organization the data needed to accurately measure your current status, progress, performance, and more.

About A.M.

With the Aligned Momentum (A.M.) Software and Program, every person – from the leadership team and out to the edges of the organization – is part of building a more vibrant business; a great place to work that grows in value year over year. When alignment and momentum are combined, performance breakthroughs become possible. A.M. gives your teams the tools, data, and motivation to be and stay vibrant.

Alignment means everyone shares one vision. Alignment without momentum may seem a happy place initially, but without results there is no growth and the future outlook dims for all.

Momentum is continuous growth and movement. Momentum without alignment leads to underperformance as well. People will do their best; it may not be what you most need from them.

“Lori coached us in how we might best gain commitment to our four key objectives. These were significant challenges that we had not been able to improve over the prior six years.

She led us through a process to ensure alignment of objectives with our vision and strategy, helped us create and give assessments that would provide us with meaningful feedback on progress and the effect of the changes on others, which included many other departments, offices, and Council. We received meaningful and actionable feedback from the assessments, given over time, and from her time with the team.

Within just nine months those four key objectives were achieved.”

~J.J., Council Chair

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The Aligned Momentum leadership operating system™ has been designed with brilliant execution of strategy in mind.

And so, it must support each person’s ideas, communications, choices, and actions. A.M. simply and effectively offers each individual the communication platform they need to stay aligned, and perform at their best. Most don’t even have to login. What needs to be communicated flows between people to ensure that expectations are realized. And what is private stays confidential.

"Only with both alignment and momentum are performance breakthroughs possible"

A.M.                    =                    ALIGNMENT                    +                   MOMENTUM


Performance Management Momentum