Aligned Momentum


Strategy - What are you doing to ensure your strategy is executed?

What happens after a senior leadership strategy session? How are the strategic direction, objectives, and game plan communicated in a way that your strategy can be brilliantly executed? To ensure alignment Broadcast high level strategic objectives to units, units to divisions, divisions to departments, and teams, etc. – and let those leaders commit to their goals, aligned with objectives, and relevant measures of progress.

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Why A.M. Strategy?

How do you communicate strategy with all teams, and share, rather than dictate, how objectives are measured and achieved? A.M. Strategy can help.

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What is A.M. Strategy?

Often only a few senior executives have decided on the highest priority strategic objectives.You have looked into the future and determined some objectives that must be met along the way to that future. The aim is that these strategic objectives will be executed brilliantly. A.M. Strategy allows you to communicate your objectives in a meaningful way, and finalize those measures with the people closest to that work.

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How do I use A.M. Strategy?

When finalizing your strategic execution plan-what you want achieved in a year or less, how can you be sure that all your objectives are being worked toward? With A.M. Strategy, you can broadcast your strategy to every division in your organization, and they can give input on what objectives they can affect, as well as how they will measure their progress. You can know who is working toward each objective, or if an objective isn’t being addressed, and continuously improve towards meeting all of your objectives, together.