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Reports - Visuals, trends, grids, and more…

Visuals, trends, grids, and more… Reports help managers and leaders take action on input.


Watch these videos to learn more, or scroll down for examples of some A.M. Reports

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We at Aligned Momentum know how important good data is for you to make decisions.With every module that I’m describing, there is at least one report that you can view that will help you take best next steps, help you make those decisions, for now, next, and future.

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How A.M. Reports help you make better decisions, every time

To make better decisions, you need lots of data. A.M. Reports give you that data, as large or small in scope as needed. You can see reports on overall workplace satisfaction, drill-down to one team’s matrix of performance and values, all the way down to one individual’s specific performance. And you can use this data for comparisons, and most importantly, trends, that will help you make more informed and targeted decisions.